We are an engineering company providing several services in product development.

We are mainly specialized in CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Our team consists of high qualified and motivated engineers to guarantee an extensive know-how, sustainable project solutions and a high level of customer orientation.



Mechanical and Plant Engineering


We are providing development services for the automotive and aerospace industry... as well as for the mechanical & plant engineering and the energy industry.

Single part



From the development of a simple component, up to a complex assembly,

We are the specialist and competent partner in product developpement and CAD design.




From the idea as a sketch up to the production matured design,

we offer the complete service chain to our customers.




CAD design (2D and 3D)


Our core competence is the CAD design with Catia V5.

We also provide our design services in a range of other known CAD tools:

  • CATIA V5
  • Siemens NX (Unigraphics)
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD


FEA (FEM simulation)


FEA tools (Finite-Elemente-Analyse) using the FEM (Finite-Elemente-Methode) allow us to build virtual prototypes and simulate different functional and load cases. It is the best method to optimize and validate the design before building the parts in hardware.

With our experts we simulate your product (function, missuse, etc..) in order to save time and costs in the development and production phases.



Project management & assistance


We provide our customers different services of assistance in the different project phases.

We can even manage the whole project to achieve all the project goals within the given constraints.

  • Activity and resource planing
  • Organizing and motivating the project team
  • Controlling time management
  • Costs and budget
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Analysing and managing project risk
  • Monitoring progress
  • Managing reports and necessary documentation


Product development


From the development of simple components up to complex assemblies, from the idea in a sketch up to the production matured design, we are able to offer the complete service chain of the product development to our customers:

  • Ideas and solutions
  • List of requirements
  • Sketches and CAD design
  • Rating matrix
  • FEM simulation
  • Prototypes management
  • Tests management
  • Design release process
  • Change management



tooling & equipment design

  • Equipment
  • Jigs
  • Cubing
  • Tooling





Design of equipment, jigs and cubing:

  • Car body parts
  • Exterior parts
  • Interior parts




VW group


Design of cubing parts:

  • Front car part
  • Rear car part


Automotive & Aerospace

  • Mechanical parts
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • BIW
  • Prototypes & concept cars


VW group


Concept Car


Design and building of interior parts in suitable manufacturing processes

ICE Spain

Parts design and drawing derivation:

  • Door sill
  • Ceiling panels
  • Sliding step




VOLVO C70: Retractable Hard Top

  • Development of the tonneau cover mechanics from the concept phase to the series production:

    With a locking block mechanism developed by us, all three movement sequences of the mechanism (unlocking-driving-locking) could be realized by a single hydraulic cylinder

  • Development of both parcel shelves (tonneau cover and parcel shelf):

    Design in lightweight construction (sandwich design) with the innovative use of paper honeycomb as a carrier part and PU-GF as an outer composite layer.

  • Optimization of the roof mechanics and trunk mechanics under the main aspects: function & weight & costs
  • Planning and development of roof stabilization measures in the open position.

Mercedes SLS: Retractable Soft Top

  • Development of roof mechanics from the concept phase up to the series production:

    Thanks to a special 13 joints- mechanism, a very harmonious and a low movement curve could be realized. For package reasons, the B-pillar was coupled by a spherical gearbox (3d mechanism) in order to realize an inward movement.

  • Development of the side flaps

    A second movable flap was developed after the SOP. The drive concept developed by Smart Design was implemented using the existing electric motor on the main flap. The staggered and time shifted kinematics was simply realized using a spring and a rope rolls.

  • Optimization of the roof mechanics and trunk mechanics under the main aspects: function & weight & costs

Ferrari F458: Retractable Hard Top

  • Development of the roof mechanics from the concept phase up to the series production:
    • With a 10 joint mechanism invented and developed by Smart Design, both roof shells could be driven with a single hydraulic cylinder on each side.
    • By optimizing the transfer function of the mechanics, no damper were necessary (neither mechanically nor hydraulically).
  • Development of the trunk and flap mechanics

    The two mechanics were coupled by a cable pull solution and a mechanical spring and thus driven with one hydraulic cylinder on each side.

  • Optimization of the roof mechanics and trunk mechanics under the main aspects: function & weight & costs
  • Planning and development of roof stabilization measures in the open position


New Beetle: Retractable Soft Top
  • Development of the roof mechanics from the concept phase up to the series production:

    A very long K-folding roof system with tough requirements such the E-line and the maximum roof height during opening.

  • Development of the e-drive

    With a gear mechanics it was possible for the first time world wide to drive such a big convertible roof fully with a electric instead of a hydraulic power.

  • Optimization of the roof mechanics under the main aspects: function & weight & costs
  • Planning and development of roof stabilization measures in the open position


WALLBOX charger for e-car


Development of one of the first home charger for electrical cars for IN- and OUT- door use.

  • Realize one Design for different versions 11KW, 22KW, 4,5m, 6m etc…
  • Definition and optimization of the styling design
  • Development of all mechanical parts
  • Integration of the electronic parts
  • Development and adaptation of the charging cable and its hanging system




Mechanical & plant engineering

  • Wind turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Boiler plants





  • Design of die casting parts
  • CAE calculation
  • Redesign of parts




As build


(Parameterization of boiler systems)


Our engineering team in Tunisia consists of very motivated and talented designers, who are all technical and mechanical graduates with a high know-how and a strong team spirit.



We provide different customer- oriented constellation concepts:



for small projects with less than 5 team members in Tunisia.


for projects with more than 5 team members in Tunisia and a project manager in Germany.


for projects with a team and a project manager in Germany supported by a team in Tunisia.

Why Smart Design Tunisia?


The main advantages summarized:

  1. Costs: to realize projects with more profit (save up to 50% of the development costs)
  2. Flexibility: to be able to increase or decrease the resources in a short time
  3. Quality und Qualification: German Quality standards due to high qualified engineers gratuated of German high schools and universities
  4. Security and confidentiality: German business-partner (Smart Design GmbH - GERMANY) ensure the highst level of confidentiality
  5. Geostrategic location: 2 hour flight from Munich- Germany und the same time zone to middle europe (UTC+1)


Overview of our advantages compared to a competitor company X in Germany and a competitor company Y in LCC (Low Cost Country):






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